Complam Sustainable Carbon Fiber to be showcased by DRD Partners at American Materials Shows in Portland & Boston

DRD Partners will be representing Complam’s range of recycled carbon fiber materials for composite lamination, thermoforming and compression forming at the forthcoming Materials Shows in Portland and Boston in March 2023.

Sustainable materials for carbon components

Complam offers a range of greener alternatives for injection molding, and thermoforming or compression molding of thermoplastic composite laminates. We recycle carbon fiber and resins, and manufacture composite laminates using glass, carbon fiber and organic fiber reinforcements including flax.

We manufacture a wide range of CFRTP, GFRTP and SRPP products used by our global customers in the cycling, footwear, consumer electronics, and automotive industries. We can provide closed loop recycling services to our customers and the following sustainable solutions.

  • Non woven reclaimed carbon felt
  • Pelletized reclaimed carbon fiber
  • Blended reclaimed & new carbon
  • Flax organic fiber reinforcement

Proportions of new and reclaimed materials can be adjusted to suit customer engineering and performance requirements, between 12-20% recycled carbon fiber for injection molding applications, and up to 100% for thermoplastic composite laminates, whether thermoformed or compression molded. Contact us to discover how our technology can add value to your brand.