SRPP Self-Reinforced Polypropylene

CompLam manufactures SRPP self-reinforced polypropylene in a range of standard sizes of sheet and board with different patterns and color options to satisfy any customer requirements.

Self-Reinforced Polypropylene (SRPP) is a recycling-friendly, lightweight and low-density (0.8 kg/dm3) thermoplastic composite sheet material that demonstrates excellent stiffness, impact and shock resistance.

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Self-Reinforced Polypropylene​(SRPP)

SRPP has significant appeal for green businesses who need a high performance thermoplastic product to meet their engineering design demands but also require it to be easily recyclable.

In comparative testing, the weight-saving potential for self-reinforced polypropylene is 65% vs. steel, 35% vs. aluminium and 45% vs. injection moulding plastics. This makes SRPP a very attractive option for applications where weight saving is a key consideration.

Self-Reinforced Polypropylene Honeycomb

Honeycomb cored SRPP incorporates an inherently stable tubular cell structure between the surface laminates. This provides exceptional rigidity at a light weight. The honeycomb structure is energy absorbing and also provides sound and vibration dampening.

CompLam self-reinforced polypropylene uses a honeycomb core manufactured from a continuously extruded polypropylene film. This is vacuum formed and folded and incorporates non-woven layers and barrier films.

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SRPP Exceptional Surface Finish

Careful selection of laminate layers for SRPP and films combined with optimization of cell size provide exceptional surface quality even when very thin skin materials are specified.

SRPP Honeycomb has many desirable characteristics, having a high strength to weight ratio and being resistant to corrosion, fungi, rot, chemicals and moisture penetration.

SRPP Honeycomb

SRPP honeycomb is thermoformable and remains stable at temperatures up to 180°F (82.2°C) in continuous service. Like other SRPP products it is also entirely recyclable, and is a greener product than many alternatives.
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