Resin PC V0

Resin Complight® ThermSafe PC V0

Meeting the changing demands of modern manufacturing. The four most important considerations when designing a thermoplastic resin are:

Meeting Engineering & Regulatory Standards

Thermoplastic resins and composite laminates are being used for an expanding range of products that need to meet strict engineering and regulatory requirements.
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Recycling & Green Manufacturing

Low VOC content and workplace environmental standards are important considerations, and buying Green products is also often in the minds of customers, so recyclability is an important factor.

Visually Appealing Finished Products

The users of finished products will have several competing products to choose from and ‘look and feel’ may change purchasing decisions.

Complight PC V0 is the resin we have formulated to meet all these requirements in one product, simplifying the design and manufacturing process for our customers.
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Easy Molding & Handling

When fabricating innovative designs, good flow and handling characteristics are a significant benefit which offers cost savings and reduces wastage.

In today’s marketplace it is also important that even the most advanced thermoplastics can be easily molded and attractively finished.

Complight PC V0
One Resin for All Applications

CompLam Complight PC V0 Flame Retardant Resin is the product we have developed to meet the needs of these customers with flexible and variable requirements.

In developing CompLam PC V0 we took account of our long experience of meeting performance standards to inspire a product that can be used in almost any application.

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Complight PC V0 Combines
The Best Features of Thermoplastic Resins

Flame Retardant for 3C

Flame Retardant for 3C

With high ignition resistance Complight PC V0 is especially well suited to flame retardant products for the highly regulated 3C computer, electronics, electrical, and information technology equipment markets.

Visually Appealing

For customers who require excellent surface finishing and design flexibility, PC V0 provides these without compromising strength.

Flame Retardant

PC V0 is also not only flame retardant, but can be provided in halogen-free, chlorine-free, and bromine-free formulas.

Green & Cost Effective

In keeping with CompLam’s commitment to Green practices that safeguard the environment, PC V0 is also recyclable for reuse in other products and complies with global environmental standards.

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