Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

Modern manufacturing processes, particularly for high volume and lightweight products, have come to depend on fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

Light Weight

Flame Retardant

Green Reclaimed

CFRTP Is Essential for Key Industries Today

CFRTP offers a material that can be readily engineered to meet a broad range of product requirements by variations in resins and laminate layers.

Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) are commonly used in automotive industry components because they offer a very high strength to weight ratio. These thermoplastics also offer fire resistance and the option to include decorative finishes in the manufacturing process.
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CFRTP for 3C Electronics

In electronics manufacturing, CFRTP enables smaller, lighter, cases and products with excellent fire resistance required for 3C certifications.

The decorative possibilities of the carbon fiber deliver a premium product experience for high end 3C products.

CFRTP Market Size is Growing Steadily

Demand for carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics(CFRTP) is increasing, both for continuous products and for fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.

Market analysis demonstrates that the use of composite materials is a feature of manufacturing companies that are developing significant market share in the Asia Pacific, Latin American and Middle East regions.
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CFTRP Widely Requested

Due to the growth in CFRTP use in a wide range of manufacturing processes, customers now expect products to be available in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics, and manufacturers are responding to customer demand.

CFRTP Product Range

CompLam manufactures CFRTP using PC sheet, PA6 sheet, PP sheet and reclaimed LFT (manufactured from chopped carbon fiber and glass fiber waste products and reformed with recyclable polycarbonate resin).

Our PC, PA6 and PP sheet products are laminated with thin films of the same materials and hot compressed with minimum thicknesses of approximately 0.2mm for PC composite panels.

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Reclaimed LFT Composite Sheet

Our reclaimed LFT composite has a fiber-weight to resin ratio of between 25% and 35% and approximately 30% of the performance of the original material while retaining acceptable strength and modulus.

LFT is ideal for cost-sensitive products that do not require the very high strength to weight ratios of standard CFRTP composites.
Data Sheets
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CF data sheet

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