Resin PA6-5VA

Complight® ThermSafe High Performance Nylon Resin System

CompLam Complight® ThermSafe is a halogen-free, high ceramic powder content, flame retardant, impact and puncture resistant composite thermoplastic laminate that offers high levels of protection in thin wall product designs.

Light Weight

Flame Retardant

High Strength

Complight® composite can be provided as laminate sheets or as a film and has a high thermal conductivity at room temperature, which dissipates heat. At extreme temperatures it carbonises to create an effective flame retardant barrier.

This flame retardant composite laminate sheet is ideal for manufacturing cases, mounting brackets, and insulation sheets for lithium batteries and electronic components.

For lithium battery casings it provides high levels of thermal insulation and is non conductive, reducing the likelihood of runaway combustion.

Principle Features

These features make CompLam Complight® an excellent choice for electrical and electronic applications that require thermal safeguards, especially when high performance is required in compact designs.

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