Building Interior Panels

Thermoplastic Bonded Laminates for The Construction Industry

Composite laminate building interior panels offer many opportunities to the construction industry for use in domestic accommodation and commercial premises. Complex shapes can be easily formed from panels

Light weight
High Strength
Flame Retardant
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Building Interior Panels

Composite Panels to Any Specification

Composite structural insulation panels (CSIP) have become increasingly used in construction over the last decade. Panels can be designed for bespoke structural and fire-resistant properties.

CompLam manufactures bonded composite thermoplastic reinforced laminate building interior panels to meet customer engineering and design requirements with almost any finish that might be desired.

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Building Interior Panels for Design

Interior design and construction demands high attention to detail and our customers are supported to achieve excellent results by the total quality management of our manufacturing process. Our building Interior panels widen the scope for advanced designs and finishes in domestic and commercial spaces.

Supporting Our Customers Through Long Experience and Total Quality Management We are happy to share our knowledge and experience by advising our customers on all aspects and stages of the design and manufacturing process.

Fire Resistance & Visually Appealing Finishes

Our long expertise in thermoplastic reinforced laminate products enables us to meet any requirements for thermoplastic bonded building laminate panels.

Panels are supplied ready for molding and selection of specific reinforcements and resins. These can be used to combine outstanding strength and Class A fire resistance while including visually appealing finishes.
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Composite Laminate Panels for Interior Construction

The range of uses for thermoplastic bonded laminates in the construction industry is limitless, almost anything that our customers design can be formed from composite panels.

Our extensive expertise in bonding carbon, glass and organic fibre reinforcements is a significant benefit for our customers who have specific engineering requirements.
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Decorative & Functional Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates

We manufacture thermoplastic reinforced laminate sheets to extremely high quality standards and specifications. Our innovative manufacturing systems enable us to achieve superior finishes for decorative work.

Decorative & High Strength

CompLam bonded composite panels are hand crafted and visually inspected for quality to ensure we maintain our very high levels of customer satisfaction.

Your innovative interior design concepts can be transformed into spectacular products that are also functional, strong, durable and meet industry safety requirements.

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CompLam develops innovative and class-leading
material systems to meet the needs of industry.