Sports Bond Laminates

Sports bond laminates rely on the light weight, strength and durability that can be achieved using thermoplastic reinforced laminates. These deliver exceptional mechanical performance with advanced surface finishes.

Light weight
High Strength
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Sports Bond Laminates

Bonded Laminates for Sports Equipment Manufacture

CompLam sports bond laminates offer the excellent impact resistance, strength and lightness of composite laminates combined with the versatility of thermoplastic reinforced laminates to enable sports goods manufacturers to fabricate almost any product.

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Sports Bond Laminates - Strength & Durability

Strength and durability are essential when manufacturing protective equipment and footwear, but visual appeal is very important in the competitive sports industry. Our advanced composite sports bond laminates deliver exceptional visual appeal and mechanical properties for customers.

Complex Designs

Sports bond laminates enable the creation of complex designs in any desired finish to manufacture functional sports equipment that has fashionable appeal.
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Composite Laminates are Ideal for Sporting Goods Manufacture

According to the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, more than 14% of carbon fiber production is used in the sports manufacturing industry.

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High Standards in Quality Control

Our extremely high standards of quality control and process management ensure that our customers in sporting goods manufacturing need not worry about variations in quality and customer satisfaction.

Variations in Reinforcement for High Performance

The flexible design features of composite thermoplastic reinforced laminates make them ideally suited for the manufacture of sports rackets, bats and sticks where the proportion of different reinforcing materials enable fine tuning for flexibility and power transfer.
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Excellent Protection With Minimal Weight

Competitive sports use cutting edge technology in the quest for increased performance and also for protective equipment.

Kevlar and carbon composite thermoplastic reinforced laminate panels are ideal for the manufacture of body armor in high impact and hazardous sports.

Composite Laminate Panels for Gym Equipment

In the gym, exercise equipment needs to be strong, easy to clean and maintain, and be appealing to the customer.

Use of thermoplastic reinforced bonded laminate panels enables manufacturers of exercise equipment to achieve excellent finishes without compromising on strength and durability.
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Ultralight Bicycles From Composite Laminates

In competitive cycling and even cycling for healthy exercise, weight is a significant factor.

Modern bicycles of the highest quality use carbon and kevlar based composite bonded laminates to keep weight low without compromising on strength.

Tough Practical & Stylish Accessories

From drinks bottles to smart watches with fitness trackers, composite bonded laminates offer strength combined with the opportunity for stylish and attractive designs in almost any finish
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