Glass Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics

GFRTP provides an industry standard for manufacturing processes today

Glass fiber reinforced polymers are now standard materials for manufacturing industries as they are able to offer the performance of traditional materials at a lower weight and costs.

GFRTP Manufacturing

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GFRTP Manufacturing

Advances in technology have enabled glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics to replace historic materials because composite materials offer a stronger, lighter, alternative manufacturing process for almost any product.
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The manufacturing process of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics is flexible, using a range of polyester resins. This enables the end product to be matched closely to the engineering requirements of customers.

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Glass fiber reinforced polymers enable products to be made more durable and lighter by weight than steel of the same strength. Because of this, composite materials are commonly used for products today that used to only be made in plastics or metals.

GFRTP for Innovative Design

Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic (GFRTP) is stronger than most metals by weight and also allows products to be formed in almost any shape and finish.

This has revolutionised some manufacturing processes by enabling very innovative designs to be manufactured without compromising the strength and functionality of the product.

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GFRTP - Decorative Surfaces

The intended surface finish and visual appeal of the product is readily included in the GFRTP composite material layers.

Manufacturers and customers recognize the significant opportunities for decorative application of glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics(GFRP).

The strength of the composite layers offers a durable and hard wearing product that can also be very visually appealing.
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GFRTP Product Range

GFRTP Product Range

CompLam manufactures GFRTP using PC sheet and PA6 sheet.

Our PC and PA6 sheet products are laminated with thin films of the same materials and hot compressed. Minimum thickness for PC panels is approximately 0.2mm.

Data Sheets
GF data sheet
GF data sheet

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