Aerospace Composite Laminates

Weight, strength and visual appeal are the three most important factors in aerospace engineering.

Bonded composite laminates have become very important in the aerospace industry because they combine low weight with high strength and can be supplied in a wide range of surface finishes.
Light weight
High Strength
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Aerospace Composite Laminates

Bonded Laminate Manufacturer

Our long expertise in thermoplastic laminated products enables us to offer total solutions to customers, advising on all aspects and stages of the design and manufacturing process. Because of this we can meet any requirements for aerospace composite panels.

In the competitive aerospace industries, customer impressions are very important. We have perfected the manufacture of aerospace  composite laminate panels which have instant visual appeal through total quality management of our manufacturing process.
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Aerospace Composite Laminate Panels for Engineering

In the aerospace industry bonded laminates are used to manufacture seats, cabin linings, galleys, storage compartments, lavatories and crew rest areas.

A wide range of shapes and finishes are created by heat and pressure molding of sheet materials. CompLam manufactures sheet materials ready for forming
to any customer requirement.

Thermoplastic Laminates

Our extensive expertise in laminating carbon, glass and organic fibers with thermoplastics is a significant benefit for our customers.

We can provide expert advice and support for the manufacture of the best and most innovative composite thermoplastic reinforced laminate products and also exceed expectations of visual appeal.

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Where can Composite Laminate Materials be Used?

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Decorative & Functional Surfaces

Flexible and innovative manufacturing enables us to meet a wide range of customer requirements for superior finishes. We manufacture composite sheets to the highest quality standards and specifications.

These are hand crafted and inspected for quality control to ensure customer satisfaction.

Aerospace Seating & Storage

Our aerospace composite panels can be used for manufacturing seating, trays and storage, interior linings, lighting, galleys and lavatories.

We can apply almost any decorative finish to composite panels that also meet engineering requirements for functional use.

We can turn your innovative design concepts into spectacular products that also meet industry requirements for strength and weight saving.
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Composite Material

For Aerospace

CompLam develops innovative and class-leading
material systems to meet the needs of industry.