Consumer Electronics Laminates

Composite Laminates for Consumer Electronics

Customers in the consumer electronics industry look for low weight and excellent and innovative surface finishes.  These are significant factors that inspire contemporary consumer electronics design. Our advanced consumer electronics laminates  service this market need.
High Strength
Surface Finish​
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Consumer Electronics Laminates

Manufacturing of Consumer Electronics Using Composite Laminates

Thermoplastic reinforced laminate panels can be formed into computer laptop and notebook covers and cases which are visually appealing to consumers and are also very strong and light.

CompLam’s experience working in a variety of composite thermoplastic reinforced laminate materials combined with our superior quality management processes enables us to produce extremely attractive panels to customer design requirements.

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Consumer Electronics Laminates for Brands

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Consumer Electronics Laminates - Weight & Appearance

In the highly competitive market for laptops and notebooks, customers’ concerns about weight and appearance of products can be a significant factor in purchase decisions. Consumer electronics laminate panels meet this requirement.

Composite bonded laminate panels offer very light weight with many options for surface finishes. Our expertise in thermoplastic reinforced laminate manufacture enables us to help you create the innovative and eye-catching designs that get you ahead of your competitors.

Safety Testing

Our consumer electronic laminates are designed to meet industry flammability testing standards for fire resistance to performance level category 0 (PLC 0) for consumer electronics.
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Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates Add Competitive Advantage

Our thermoplastic reinforced laminate sheets are supplied ready for molding by manufacturers into cases, enclosures and covers of any size with perfect surfaces guaranteed by our strict quality control systems.

Success in Electronics Manufacturing Industry

We know that the difference between success and failure in the competitive consumer electronics manufacturing industry often relies on attention to detail and quality to attract the attention of consumers.
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CompLam develops innovative and class-leading
material systems to meet the needs of industry.