Automotive Laminates

Automotive Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates

Automotive laminates often combine requirements for fire retardant and impact resistant features. Ideal examples are battery boxes, instrument and interior panels.

Light weight
High Strength
Flame Retardant
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Automotive Laminates

Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates Manufacturer

Our experience in thermoplastic material technology is ideally suited to automotive laminates applications. By carefully selecting from a wide range of materials, abrasion resistance and durability of composite panels can be set to exact customer requirements.
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Benefits of Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates in Automotive Manufacturing

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Automotive Laminates Safety

International standards in automotive manufacturing including safety approvals have changed over time to include the potential of composite thermoplastic reinforced automotive laminate panels.

Fortunately Modern composite bonded thermoplastic reinforced automotive laminates can be designed to meet or exceed national and international requirements for automotive safety in many applications that previously were only fabricated in metals.

Excellent Visual Appeal

The attractive finishes of composite laminated panels has led to them being used extensively for trim and decorative elements in vehicles.

Exterior thermoplastic reinforced laminate panels can be formed into aerodynamic shapes that combine strength and weather resistance with high quality finishes that complement the design.
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Versatility of Thermoplastic Reinforced Laminates

There are many options for finishes and changing weight, strength and fire resistance by bonding different reinforcements and resins.

This allows thermoplastic reinforced automotive laminates can be used for a wide range of automotive components.
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Battery Boxes

Battery boxes and enclosures for electronics and sensitive equipment that are in the engine bay can be formed from resins and reinforcements that are strong and fire retardant.
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Instrument Panels

Instrument panels and trim can be manufactured in thermoplastic reinforced laminates to any colour or finish for visual appeal combined with functionality.
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Seat Backs

Seat backs and interior components can be made light, strong and impact resistant to meet safety standards with finishes to match the design and style of the vehicle.

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