Carbon Fiber Plates for Enhanced Footwear Performance

CompLam leads in sustainable recycled carbon fiber solutions for advanced footwear

Carbon fiber plates are now a standard feature of high performance athletic footwear.
The latest carbon fiber reinforced running shoes, like Nike’s Air Zoom AlphaFly NEXT% or the New Balance FuelCell, offer extreme performance at very light weight due to the very high strength and lightness of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics combined with foam sandwich laminates.

In elite sports every second counts, and for professional athletes the inclusion of a carbon fiber plate might make the difference between winning or losing, or even setting a new world record. Some studies have suggested a carbon fiber plate can improve running efficiency by between 4% and 9% when combined with advanced foam sandwich footbeds.

Consumer Demand is Rising for Carbon Fiber Plates

Consumers are very aware of the latest trends in athletic footwear design and follow technological innovations closely. When people see their favorite athletes winning competitions wearing carbon fiber plates it makes them want to experience the benefits of carbon fiber plate inserts for themselves.

This means consumers now expect manufacturers to offer carbon fiber plates in their featured product range. Manufacturers who do not meet this demand will lose customers to other brands who manufacture athletic shoes that include carbon fiber plates. But it’s not enough to simply add products that feature carbon fiber plates. People also expect the products they buy to not harm the environment.

Sustainable Products Add Competitive Advantage

In today’s environmentally conscious marketplace, people want high performance products like carbon fiber plate reinforced shoes to be manufactured in a sustainable way. This is a problem for most suppliers of carbon fiber components, who do not have the technology to recycle carbon fiber effectively and cannot contribute to the green credentials of your product.

Consumer focus on green credentials and ethical manufacturing brings an opportunity for competitive advantage. If your carbon fiber product is produced in a more sustainable way than your competitors, it increases your competitive advantage and builds sales. Consumers don’t like to compromise on performance, so if you want to be able to sell athletic footwear in today’s competitive market your product must meet the highest performance standards and also be environmentally friendly.

CompLam Recycled Carbon Fiber is the Answer

CompLam leads the field in thermoplastic recycling technology and can manufacture carbon fiber plates with up to 74% recycled materials by using reclaimed fibers for reinforcement and resin manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastics. This enables footwear manufacturers to meet consumer demands for carbon fiber plates that are greener and more environmentally friendly than competitor products.

● No Loss of Performance
● Sustainable Manufacture
● Customized to Your Design

Our expertise in carbon fiber laminate manufacture from carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics (CFRTP) enables CompLam to supply carbon fiber plates to any specification that our customers require while enabling you to gain competitive advantage by showing consumers that you are achieving the highest possible levels of environmental sustainability in your product design.