CompLam Demonstrates Leadership in SRPP Honeycomb Laminates

SRPP Self-Reinforced Polypropylene 6

CompLam Self-Reinforced Polypropylene (SRPP) is recycling-friendly, light-weight and low-density thermoplastic composite sheet material that demonstrates excellent stiffness, impact and shock resistance. The weight-saving potential for SRPP is 65% vs. steel, 35% vs. aluminium and 45% vs. injection moulding plastics, making it ideal for applications where weight saving is a key consideration. Honeycomb cored SRPP employs […]

CompLam Complight® PA6 Sets New Standards in Thin Wall Flame & Puncture Resistance

CompLam Complight® PA6 is a halogen-free, high ceramic powder content, flame retardant, impact and puncture resistant composite thermoplastic laminate that offers high levels of protection in thin wall product designs. Available as thin-wall laminates as well as sheet material, this versatile product meets the highest standards of self-extinguishing fire resistance. It is also formulated to […]