JEC World 2023 Exhibition

Paris, France

25-27 April 2023

Paris-Nord Villepinte

Hall 5 M85

Sustainable Carbon Fiber Reinforced Laminates & Components

Injection Molding

Bicycle Saddle Bases

Thermoplastic Injection Molding


Bicycle Fender

Thermoformed Composite Laminates

Compression Molding

Chainring Spider

Compression Molded Structural Laminates


Welcome to the Future of Composites

JEC World 2023 Exhibition Paris

JEC World 2023 is the leading exhibition that brings together the top players in the composites world.  Manufacturers, suppliers, startups and innovators will all be sharing their latest offerings at the show this year. The major focus will be on sustainability and recycling to see what solutions the industry will showcase to meet these global challenges in 2023

Expect to hear about advances in sustainable manufacturing and recycling of carbon fiber components from industries including cycling. The environmental impact of carbon fiber products is getting attention from the public and CompLam will be offering its latest solutions to these challenges at the show..

Advances in Composite Technology
for Greener CFRP Manufacturing

Carbon Fiber Composites

The latest trend in sustainable manufacturing of carbon components, and one that is sure to be a feature of JEC World Paris 2023, is the switch from epoxy carbon composites to thermoplastic carbon composites.

Epoxy carbon components are not acceptable to customers concerned about increased CO2 from epoxy carbon manufacturing. 

eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe
eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe

Thermoplastic carbon composite laminate technology enables the manufacture of frames that are as strong or stronger than epoxy based carbon laminates, and more easily recycled. This technology is more appealing to cyclists because it is much greener than using epoxy resins.

eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe
eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe

CompLam CFRP for Sustainable Manufacturing

We are leaders in manufacturing carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP) using the new thermoplastic technologies required to make high strength, high quality CFRP. We also offer a genuinely green turnkey closed-loop manufacturing / recycling solution to the problem of manufacturing in carbon without it costing the planet. 

Innovative CFRP Recycling Technology

Our CFRP composite laminates can include significant proportions of recycled carbon fiber and resin into new products without compromising the engineering and finish requirements of our customers, and our fully functional carbon fiber laminate recycling facility enables reuse of carbon fiber waste products as carbon felt and resin-free carbon fiber.

eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe

At The Center of the Industry

From our state of the art manufacturing facility in Taichung, we supply thermoplastic composite laminates to major brands worldwide. Many leading manufacturers use our composites to achieve their hallmark performance and style.

Our long experience in thermoplastic composite laminate design and manufacturing is behind our extensive range of high performance CFRP products and our innovative CFRP recycling technology.

eurobike 2022 frankfurt exhibition messe

Contact us today to find out how we can supply you with a green and sustainable solution to your need for advanced carbon fiber composites. High performance, reliable, and with excellent visual appeal. CompLam CFRP is also fully recyclable, so you can truly have it all.